Bursa Malaysia watch list for 2020

A lot of people and a lot of fund managers and whatnots have done exhaustive research and presented their watch list for the year of 2020 and even for the coming decade. Sweet.

To make things simple for everyone – especially myself – I’ve compiled the whole list of stocks that have been suggested along with a link to the source of the suggestions – a good starting point to do ones research.

Needless to say – but must be said nonetheless – this is not a trading/investing suggestion, and you should always perform your due diligence before trading or investing in anything.


StockSectorDividend (%)Rough Technical
MuhibahConstruction3Downtrend. Supp at 2.0, 1.5
VizioneConstructionSupport 0.8, 0.6
QLConsumer0.55CnH, new uptrend
DialogEnergy1.08Multi-top. Uptrend
CariminEnergy? CnH. Uptrend
PerdanaEnergySupp 0.4
OKAIndustrial4.77Big cup. Small CnH. New uptrend
ScomnetIndustrialSupp 0.7
HartaHealthcare1.5 ? Cup
DpharmaHealthcare3.7At resistance
InariTech? New uptrend. Supp 1.5, 1.3
WillowTech1.8CnH. ? New uptrend
DsonicTech1.72Uptrend. Resistance 1.6
Maybank Financial6.5? Cup

Well… this is quite a long list to look into isn’t it…

Do keep in mind that the technical analysis is just what I see at a glance and I mainly looked at the longer term picture – the 10 years, 5 years, 3 years and 1 year charts. The support and resistance lines are very rough approximations. As a long term income investor, using support/resistance areas rather than exact values is not a problem for me but it may not be for you.

The dividend percentage only considers the latest full year dividend, considering that the company has been paying regular dividends up till 2019. Some pay a rather consistent amount, some increasing, some decreasing. Some may have a high implied dividend percentage because the stock price has been in free fall. So if your strategy involves dividends, you may want to do a more thorough study.

Some of these do look interesting and I may add them to my final watch list after a more in depth study. I will try to do an analysis of the ones that I am interested in.

Following are the sources of the suggestions in this watch list:

  1. The Edge Markets: 10 must have stocks for the next 10 years
  2. Top 20 stock picks for 2020

In case there are those who are interested, I also subscribe to the following telegram channels:

  1. Bursakakis
  2. Bursamaster

And no I am not affiliated with either channel. I don’t even know if their owners are the same people/team and I get nothing for linking their channels here. They do put up disclaimers, and I’m putting up a disclaimer as well: I follow channels/groups for the suggestions. I do my due diligence before investing/trading, and I NEVER follow any suggestion blindly.

There are many other channels/groups out there so take your pick. I used to follow half a dozen or so but later decided to just keep a few or enter and exit channels/groups based on my own needs.

If you have any opinion about this watch list or have suggestions of your own, please leave a comment or contact me. I do hope to catch ‘the next Penta when it was just 1.9’ but there is only so much one person can do.

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