Tian is one of the last humans alive, and the only remaining Celestial. Despite finally obtaining the power to destroy the Overlords who had turned Earth into ruins and brought humanity to the brink of extinction, he no longer has any reason or desire to do so. Having lived and fought on for a hundred years after losing everyone that he cared about, all Tian really wanted was to die and be reunited with his family. 

After destroying the last Overlord city and burning his life force along with it, Tian thought that he could finally die and be at peace. 

When he opened his eyes though, Tian found himself 250 years in the past, right before everything ended. Given this second chance to redo things, and with only 10 days left until Katastrophe, Tian must prepare for the inevitable End and most importantly, this time,  save the people he loved most.


Chp 2.3

Chp 3