Katastrophe Chp 2.1

Kai ran water down his hair, opening the tap to the max. It had been a long time since he felt so much water. Clean, fresh water. Clean water was a luxury after ‘Katastrophe’. It was not a problem in the first few months after the apocalypse or rather, no one even thought about it. 

Many parts of the world had self maintaining and autonomous water processing plants and watering system that could even withstand nuclear attacks or so governments claimed. The mindless zombies that came in the initial wave of Katastrophe and even the more evolved mutants and the terrifying phantoms and monsters did not have enough strategic acumen to target basic human infrastructure. 

This changed when the Overlords began activating the androids. Their programming included crippling the remaining infrastructure and contaminating the water supplies that surviving human colonies were using. 

Most of the Neo-Human classes subsequently discovered methods to detect contamination and neutralise it, but not before almost a third of the remaining humans had died or been turned into one of the Overlords science experiments.

After drenching his hair, Kai gulped down half a dozen handful of water. It’s definitely not the same. Kai thought of the water quality. Even the best spells cast by the most powerful mages couldn’t completely return contaminated water to their original freshness. 

He swiped the black wristband on his left hand, causing a holographic screen to pop up in front of him. 5th May 2048. The date was written clearly at the top of the screen. Kai had already searched the internet to confirm the date, grilled the artificial intelligence and even called his older sister – which was something he never did when he was in high school – to make sure that he wasn’t mistaken. 

He really had returned to the past. To ten days before the end of the world. Ten days before Katastrophe which will take place on 15th May 2048. Which meant that he had this much time to prepare for it to the best of his abilities. The question now was: how should he use this time to prepare?

There was an endless list of things he wanted to do, dozens of people – family and friends, some of whom don’t even know him yet that he wanted to save. He knew where some of the android plants are located, and simple upgrades to electrical power plants and water processing plants that could save a lot of people. 

All the information that he knew from first hand experience of the coming future could change a lot of things, save many lives and maybe improve humanity’s chances of survival. But Kai also knew that no one would believe him even if he told them. The most likely scenario that would play out is that he would be killed by the Overlords’ spies or one of their androids. 

He was also not sure that letting it be known that he had all this information from the future was a good thing. If the Overlords found out, what would happen if they went all out against humanity because of it? One of the reasons that allowed humanity to survive was that the Overlords took it in steps. 

They were afraid of mankind’s potential so they were careful to be as thorough as possible. Being thorough and careful meant that they did not go all out on the human race from the beginning but trimmed out the potential threats in a well planned systematic manner. Although this caused many people to die and wiped out most of the potential hopes for humanity, it also allowed some to survive and to fight another day. 

More than two hundred years of fighting a very steep uphill battle, most of which was spent running and hiding in fear had taught him to prioritise. 

Kai knew that he has a lot of information. However this was more than two hundred years ago from the time he had come from. Kai decided to think of it in this way. He had died in the year 2298 at the age of 266 years old and returned to the past in his 16 year old self. 

Many of the information had gone through several people before reaching him. Some he had only gleaned from old records which may not be accurate or even had been tampered with. He might be wasting his time if he acted on these inaccurate information. The first thing Kai did was sift through all the information he has and separate the ones he was certain of from the ones that he was not sure about. 

This led him to several conclusions. The first and most important was that: powering up as much as possible in the shortest amount of time is the top priority. No matter the amount of information he has, if he didn’t have the power, none of it would matter. Kai gazed in awe at the plump boy looking back at him in the mirror and wondered how he had survived in those early days. 

Neo-Humans is the term that was subsequently used to refer to those people that developed special abilities in the post-apocalyptic world. They were divided into several groups based on the type of abilities they developed. Mages are able to utilise magic to perform spells. Warriors have the ability to use Aura to form armor and weapons. Techs and Builders can access the 5th dimension and use its power to destroy Overlord technology from within, fight spyware, viruses and combat androids as well as build structures, vehicles and special items and weapons. 

Two hundred years in the future, all the Neo-Humans he knew had developed their powers to a point where they would not have trouble surviving the early days. However, this takes time and practice. And some of the more powerful abilities only appear after the owner has reached a certain age and were not things that could be achieved with practice. 

Kai was a mage in the early days, but he was only a C class mage in the beginning. The fact that he had a special gift in Spirit Sword magic later on elevated him to upper B class but not quite A class. Limit removal was something that they only found out about later, but as Kai thought about it, he didn’t think that attaining the peak of his former abilities was achievable in ten days. Even if he could regain the use of Spirit Sword magic before Katastrophe was good enough.  

Kai instructed his wristband to search for the location of several people he knew could help him and who he could convince that he was not crazy. He then plotted his travel course. 

He had ten days left before the beginning of the end. Every second mattered and Kai was determined to make the most of them. He had to. The fate of the human race – and most importantly his family – depended on it. 

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