Katastrophe Chp 2.3

“What the HELL is that!” Kevin shouted, pacing the room and kicking at tables and chairs that got in his way. His expression was a mixture of fear, anxiousness and disgust. The cause for this was the pair of otherworldly creatures that lay on the teachers table in front of the classroom.

The creatures looked like hairy octopuses, a slimy body, rounded head surrounded by a dozen tentacles, each tentacle having multiple smaller extensions which looked like hairs. Even though Kai had killed them, the creatures still emitted a nauseating aura that was making Tomoe and Kevin anxious.

“Does your suit have something that can store them and hide their aura?” Kai asked Tomoe. Although Tomoe also looked shocked when Kai suddenly used Telekinesis to kill the creatures and then pull them out of the pocket dimension they were hiding in, she was slightly more composed than Kevin.

If I saw Kevin Mcloed look this terrified, I’d have given up hope, Kai thought of the older version of Kevin that he knew as his teacher. But I guess even he was a child at one time. And he’s actually only two years older than me. This second thought made Kai feel a bit weird. In his previous life, it would later be apparent that Neo-Humans had a much longer lifespan than normal humans. They lived longer, had a longer growth period and aged slower. What was not so obvious until quite some time later was that, some Neo-Humans aged much slower than others. Kai happened to be one of those that aged the slowest. In fact he grew younger as his powers grew. When he met Kevin Mcleod more than a hundred years later, he had just reverse-aged due to awakening his powers as a Rare Type and  looked barely twenty while Kevin looked like someone in his forties.

Tomoe took out a shiny silver ball with web-like patterns. “It’s a containment box that we use to trap aliens. Will it do?”

Kai threw the ball at the corpses. Just before contact, the ball which was the size of a golf ball expanded into a web, ensnaring the corpses and then pulling them towards it. The silver ball fell to the floor after completing its task, rolled twice and stopped as if it was already full and satisfied.

“Apparently it is enough” Kai smiled. The stench and disgusting aura that the corpses emitted were now gone.

Kevin pointed a finger at the containment ball. “That is not an alien” he said the obvious.

“There are various ‘outworlders’ on Earth. I am sure you know this quite well. Even among those fighting violent aliens, you are not the only group. And you must at least have heard about the existence of other outworlders and the groups fighting them?”

“You mean like wizards fighting against demons from another dimension?” Kevin said incredulously. “Those rumors can’t be true right?”

Kai picked the silver ball up and brandished it in front of Kevin’s nose before pocketing it. “These things are called Kamui. Classified as a Demon, extra-dimensional creatures with deadly powers. Kamui are lower middle class in combat power, but these two seem to be weaker than usual. But the Kamui are not usually used for combat, their specialty is stealth. They can hide in pocket dimensions and attach themselves to their target. I think that is what these two were doing. They were following you two”

“For what?” Tomoe asked.

“A prudent follow up question would be: Who sent them?” Kai said darkly.

Kai sat opposite Tomoe and asked Kevin to do the same. He saw the fact that they would sit with him and hear him out meant that they at least believed that he was not an enemy or some weirdo. But there was a new problem now. These were two people that he knew well, who in his previous life were very significant individuals to him. He was afraid that if he said the wrong things, they might turn out different than the people he knew, and other people who were important to him might not even come into existence. Christopher Mcleod was a total ass in Kai’s opinion, just recalling his name made him mad, but the guy also saved his life more times than he cared to admit and his existence as a supporting pillar for mankind in the future was one of the reasons that Kai didn’t mind walking to his death.

“Before I answer your question, I’d like to ask you something… Are you two dating?” This opening was not on any of the scripts that Kai was contemplating of using and even was surprised that he blurted it out like this.

“Our family’s have known each other for a long time. Although it has not been decided yet, this is what our parents wish for”

“You mean, as descendants of families with strong abilities who are association with The Organization, you are suggested to marry each other in order to maintain the secrecy of The Organization as well as your ability genes?”

The reaction Tomoe and Kevin showed was almost hilarious if not for the gravity of their situation. Their heads snapped to look at each other with disbelieving looks before snapping to stare at him.

“Christopher Mcleod told me” Kai said simply.

“Impossible. My grandfather died twenty years ago”

Kai gave him a mysterious look before continuing. “Excalibur”

Kai worried that he might have revealed the wrong secret when Kevin jumped out of his chair and glared at him.

“No one could have known about it unless the true heir revealed it right?” Kai said hurriedly to calm Kevin down. It’s not like I know a lot of his secrets to use in this situation.

“You couldn’t have known my grandfather” Kevin said.

“I also don’t know your father. Never did, other than the things you told me”

“I’ve never seen you before” Kevin said.

“No. But in my past, you and I are acquainted. And the Chris Mcleod who told me about your family heritage is your son”

Kai let the silence that followed this proclamation go on for a while so that Kevin and Tomoe could process what he just said.

When neither of them responded, he turned to Tomoe. “Your father started teaching you martial arts since you were three. By the time you were eight, you were already proficient in seven martial arts. When you were nine, you won the National Junior Mixed Martial Arts Competition. At ten, you were chosen as one of the nations representatives for mixed martial arts, swordsmanship and archery. But before you went to the international level, you suddenly quit. You subsequently quit martial arts and started to learn shooting which you already know you lack the talent for”

Kai studied Tomoe’s face closely for any signs of distress because the secret that he was going to reveal next was something that she might not want to remember. “The reason you quit martial arts is because of an incident where a group of high school boys ganged up on you and your sister when you were walking home from practice. People say that you quit because you injured those boys so bad with your martial arts that you became terrified of your own strength. The truth is that, you didn’t hurt them any more than was necessary. At the time, the difference between you and them was so great that you had total control of the fight. You even remember that there were six of them, and two of them had tried to use knives but you broke their hands before they could. You knew exactly what you were doing and you don’t regret any of it. The real reason you quit is because of the way your sister looked at you on that day”

Tomoe suddenly slapped the table, causing Kai to stop. Crap, she hates me know. Kai thought. Tomoe was glaring daggers at him and even though Kai had become much stronger from the past two hours of cultivation, he still wondered whether he could survive if Tomoe decided that she wanted to pummel him to the ground. When she told him this story, it was more than a century after the fact and she had an extra hundred years of maturity compared to this version of her. It was a sweet childhood experience for her then, but for this younger Tomoe, the experience was likely a trauma that she wanted to forget.

“How?” Tomoe asked curtly.

“You know that the only way I can know your true feeling is if you told me yourself”

“Who are you?” Kevin asked.

Kai saw that he had really gotten their attention, and possibly their trust to a certain extent. Enough at least, so that they might believe what he was going to tell them next.

“My name is Kai Akanashi. I come from the future”

Silence. After a few seconds.

“And you knew us in the future?” Tomoe asked.

Kai nodded. He studied Tomoe’s expression closely to determine whether she really believed him or not.

“It is a logical explanation for how you know our secrets. Besides, we’ve seen weird things. Time travel is on another level but not unbelievable”

Kai nodded. He was surprised by how calm and logical she was, even as a fifteen year old.

“These Kamui…” Kai fulfilled his promise to tell them about the creatures that had been following them. “…the aliens that The Organization is trying to protect humanity from, and the myriad of other creatures that have been brought to Earth and which other groups are fighting against, were brought here by a species called the Overlords. A vastly advanced race hell bent on enslaving the whole known universe. They have already destroyed hundreds of other planets, caused the extinction of countless other races and enslaving many more”

“Their purpose is to act as a foundation for the Overlords ultimate plan for Earth and humanity: to gradually and systematically annihilate the human race and reshape Earth as one of their outposts”

Tomoe and Kevin looked at each other as if they knew something.

“You know?” Kai asked.

Tomoe shook her head. “There are rumors within The Organization that someone received information that an invading alien force is coming to attack Earth”

“Your informants have it partly true. The Overlords will not come to Earth themselves until a bit later. They have agents here like the Kamui to do the initial work. Implanting agents among humanity, bringing dangerous aliens to cause trouble and opening small Demon Gates, this is them building the foundations. The First Wave we call it. No one knows since when they initiated it, but this first wave didn’t cause any major disturbances”

“And the next wave?” Tomoe asked slowly, dreading the answer. Kai looked at Tomoe and Kevin darkly.

“The Second Wave will cause almost seventy percent of humanity to die. We call it Katastrophe. The end of days. The apocalypse. And it will begin on the 15th of May 2048, ten days from now”

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