KLSE market direction July 2020 + Trading ideas

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Swing trading July 2020

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Weekly chart

If the recent trend is to continue, the KLCI may be headed for 1662 level.

If the bulls are still strong then, the 1800 level may be a next target before attempting to take out the previous highs above 1850.

Daily chart

In the nearer term, the KLCI may try to take out the resistance around 1580.

However, it should be noted that the index has diverged some ways from the EMA’s. A return to the mean may see the index falling for a short period in the near term before hopefully continuing its upwards hike in the mid to long term.

DJIA – the reference point

The Dow Jones Industrial Average – one of the reference point for investors also seems to be trading at healthy levels – although a break below 25000 would signal further decline till another level of value is found.

Trading idea

I am bullish on the KLCI in the short term, though expecting a slight pullback at the same time. In the mid-long term, depending on how the COVID-19 economic impact is managed – we could see a period of bull market.

That said, although I am mainly an income investor, I am allocating a bigger percentage of my portfolio to swing trading the market, and to position trading and trend riding.

This is my watchlist of stocks on the KLSE for swing trading and some of my trading ideas.

***DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a BUY CALL or investment suggestion. These trading ideas are merely for educational purposes. I own and am trading some of these stock. If you want to trade these stocks, please do your own due diligence beforehand.

Swing trading July 2020

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