Legends of Avalon Book 1: Ice Palace


‘Ray’ Raiton Etheria is the young hero of the Battle of Escanor who defeated the Shadow Wraith and brought an end to the Third Blight. Now three years after the war, Ray is regarded as a living legend and is the most prized Hero of the Academies.

When headmaster Ed asks him to carry out an unofficial mission to save a princess of Lyonesse from Shadow Assassins and requests that he keep it a secret, Ray is certain that it has something to do with the unease that he has been feeling. To make matters worse, the princess is trapped inside the Labyrinth of Daedalus, possibly the most dangerous Dungeon in Avalon.

Before he can save the princess, Ray will need to seek a treasure belonging to the Queen of the Ice Palace because not even the legendary Hero of Avalon can survive the Labyrinth of Daedalus without help.

Can Ray survive the challenges of the Ice Palace, an A-Class Dungeon that most Heroes avoid? Will he be able to obtain the item that he requires for his mission, and how will he fare against the Queen of the Ice Palace who controls both ice and time?