Legends of Avalon Book 2: Labyrinth of Daedalus


While the other nations were at war with the Shadow Wraith, the small nation of Lyonesse was run down and occupied by the Demon Empire led by the Demon Shamaness ‘Livni the Cursed’ of the fifth Demon clan. Princess ‘Elle’ Elizabeth Marion de Lyon, a princess of Lyonesse has escaped the capital city, accompanied by her royal guards the Golden Wings Knights. Their mission is to get to Atlantis Academy and warn them of the Demon presence in Lyonesse. The girls’ mission however was not easy as their escape was discovered and Shadow Assassins, the most feared assassins of the Demon Empire were sent after them. Many of their comrades fell to their demonic assassination magic.

In order to escape certain death for herself and her friends, Princess Elle made the decision to enter the Labyrinth of Daedalus, an ancient dungeon that is as deadly as the Demons that are after them. After endless days of labouring in the punishing maze, the girls are ready to give up when they are lead to the heart of the maze and discover the horror that was hidden there by the ancient race that built the labyrinth. 

Can Princess Elle and her Golden Wings Knights, already at the edge of their endurance, face the terror at the centre of the labyrinth and escape? Will Ray be able to make it in time to help them and will their combined powers be enough against the horrors of the ancient labyrinth and the might of a group of demonic assassins that are feared even in Tartarus?


Chp 6